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Bi-lav Plus Thellurium
"Neo "

Reg. no
: PLL / PRA free/ PL 0
: 2015-03-02
: black - white (Bb)
: Hairless
: 32.00cm (12.5") / 4.50kg (9.92#)
Bondarenko A.S. (ANDA FRELSIS, Ukraina)
  • 21 Month
    ©Ann-Katrin R.

  • 21 month
    ©Ann-Katrin R.

  • ©M. L.

  • ©M. L.

  • PLL free

  • PRA free

  • MH free

  • HU free

  • DM free

  • ©Anda Frelsis

  • ©Anda Frelsis

  • ©Anda Frelsis

  • ©Anda Frelsis

  • ©Anda Frelsis

  • ©Anda Frelsis

  • ©Anda Frelsis


PRA - clean by parents
PLL - clean by parents

Siblings (8)


Bi-lav Plus Terbium
Bi-lav Plus Thellurium
Bi-lav Plus Thorium


Anda Frelsis Fatale
Anda Frelsis Flavor Chocolate
Anda Frelsis Feeling of Beauty
Anda Frelsis Fantasy
Anda Frelsis Festival

Offspring (32) (Descendents)

dob: 2017-09-16  Dam: Treasure Guardians Indian Spirit

Crazy Cresteds Dreamsicle Bineo
Crazy Cresteds Ducati Bineo
Crazy Cresteds Dynamite Deluxe Bineo
Crazy Cresteds Dexter Bineo

dob: 2017-03-01  Dam: Solino's Jolly Moon

Crazy Cresteds Cayman Jaleo
Crazy Cresteds Caracho Jaleo
Crazy Cresteds Caitana Jaleo
Crazy Cresteds Cadillac Jaleo
Crazy Cresteds Caparo Jaleo
Crazy Cresteds Caban Jaleo
Crazy Cresteds Caramba Jaleo

dob: 2017-02-11  Dam: Francesce Valeska Chinesische Engel

Crazy Cresteds Baringa Skurreo
Crazy Cresteds Bugatti Skurreo
Crazy Cresteds Bizzarini Skurreo
Crazy Cresteds Beelzebub Skurreo

dob: 2016-10-01  Dam: Mana's Roxette

Armani mon petit chinois
Adoro mon petit chinois
Ayumi mon petit chinois
Amaro mon petit chinois

dob: 2016-10-01  Dam:

Von den kleinen Strolchen

dob: 2016-03-25  Dam: Zest Bessy Winning Smile

Mon petit chinois 3
Mon petit chinois 6
Mon petit chinois 4
Mon petit chinois 2
Mon petit chinois 1
Mon petit chinois 7
Mon petit chinois 5

dob: 2016-03-23  Dam: Mana's Roxette

Mon petit chinois Ti Amo
Mon petit chinois Tinker Bell
Mon petit chinois Tainted love
Mon petit chinois Thai Chi
Mon petit chinois Tao Tao

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