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Taï Mandchou's Indeed Master

: 2013-09-18
: Hairless
V. Deuscht (Taï Mandchou's, Frankrike)
Owner unknown.

  • ©V.D.

  • ©V.Deuchst

  • ©V.Deuchst

  • ©V.Deuchst

Siblings (2)


Taï Mandchou's Indeed Master
Taï Mandchou's Invictus Lady

Offspring (14) (Descendents)

dob: 2016-10-03  Dam: Sasquehanna KOLEDA

TaÏ Mandchou's MamzÈle Louboutin
TaÏ Mandchou's Miyake Style
TaÏ Mandchou's Mille & Zime

dob: 2015-12-29  Dam: Original Stone Go To Get Victory

Pu Yi's Dynasty Lottie Ann
Pu Yi's Dynasty Llewellyn Angus
Pu Yi's Dynasty Lowell Timothy
Pu Yi's Dynasty Lisbeth Meredith
Pu Yi's Dynasty Lynn Brittany
Pu Yi's Dynasty Leonor Fay
Pu Yi's Dynasty Liam Phineas

dob: 2014-12-07  Dam: Garmina Burana Du Coeur Des Tenebres

Jadene Aurora
Taï Mandchou's Jimini Solaris
Jomarin Zénith
Janelle Boreal

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