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: 2013-10-10
: Hairless
Liudmila Lavrova (Bi-Lav Plus, Moldavia)
Kosinova I (Dogland Happy, Russland)
David & Galina Rayhelgauz (iz Serebryanogo raya, Hviterussland)

  • ©Scalli

  • ©Scalli

  • 7 years

  • ©Scalli

  • ©Scalli

  • OPUS

  • OPUS

  • OPUS

  • OPUS

  • OPUS

  • OPUS

  • 9 mom
    ©Dogland Happy Studio

  • 9 mom
    ©Dogland Happy Studio

  • 9 mom
    ©Dogland Happy Studio

  • 1.5 mon

  • 1.5 mon

  • ©ll



14.06.2015 Specialty dog show of 9 groups in Molodzechno CW,CAC

14.06.2015 National Dog Show in Molodzechno CW,CAC

17.05.2015 National Dog Show in Brest - CW,CAC

16.05.2015 National Dog Show in Grodno - CW,CAC

16.05.2015 Specialized Dog Show of 9 groop in Grodno - CW,CAC

23.12.2014 International dog Show in Misnk CAC, JBOB

12.10.2014 National Dog Show in Misnk JBOB ,BOB
Judge: ?histayakova L.

12.10.2014 National Dog Show in Misnk JBOB ,BOB

Judge: Oleynikova Z.

05.10.2014 National Dog Show in Misnk - JCAC, JBOB,BOB
Judge: Zaharova

Siblings (3)


Bi-lav Plus Olivia Snezhnaya
Bi-lav Plus Orlando
Bi-lav Plus OPUS Dogland Happy

Offspring (28) (Descendents)

dob: 2020-07-29  Dam: Energy Di BLACK STAR Serebryanogo Raya

Marquis De-Sade Iz Serebryanogo Raya
Magnolia Iz Serebryanogo Raya
Maleficenta Iz Serebryanogo Raya
Modern Style Iz Serebryanogo Raya
Marilyn Monroe Iz Serebryanogo Raya
Madame Butterfly Iz Serebryanogo Raya

dob: 2020-03-01  Dam: Cherni Zmij Rock-Crystal

Lamborghini Iz Serebryanogo Raya
Lion's Heart Iz Serebryanogo Raya
Legenda Vostoka Iz Serebryanogo Raya

dob: 2018-01-22  Dam: Victoria Estel iz Serebryanogo Raya

Kama Kito iz Serebryanogo Raya
Kristian Dior Iz Serebryanogo Raya
Kronos iz Serebryanogo Raya

dob: 2016-10-13  Dam: Dominika iz Sozvezdiya Khana

Ch. Tsenniy Priz iz Sozvezdiya Khana
Cerera iz Sozvezdiya Khana
Tsaritsa Tamara iz Sozvezdiya Khana
Ch. Tsarskaya Osoba iz Sozvezdiya Khana
Cent na Schastye iz Sozvezdiya Khana

dob: 2016-04-03  Dam: Premier Mari Diana

Zippo iz Serebryanogo Raya
Ch. Zeus iz Serebryanogo Raya
The Best iz Serebryanogo Raya

dob: 2016-03-24  Dam: Orero Lovely Brava"iz Vanilnychsnow

Ch. Kaliforniya iz Vanil'nyh snow
Kardinal iz Vanil'nyh snow
Kasanova iz Vanil'nyh snow
Kasablanca iz Vanil'nyh snow

dob: 2015-09-17  Dam: Dogland Happy Shameless

Dogland Happy On The Move
Dogland Happy Onward March

dob: 2015-04-20  Dam: Premier Mari Diana

Ch. World-Winner / European-Winner / JWorld-Winner / Multi JrCh. / Multi-Grand Ch. - Je T'aime Iz Serebryanogo Raya
Ch. Jean Paul Iz Serebryanogo Raya

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