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CYCH  FINCH  VDHJCH  CERJCH  SECH  Junior Champion San Marino, Winner Meisdorf 2015, CCC Junior Clubwinner 2014, Crufts Qualification 2015Edcullen's Glade Dr. Dollar Duck

: 2013-09-18
: white black spotted
: Hairless
: 32.00cm (12.5")
D.Grünewaldt (Edcullen's Glade, Tyskland)
Malin Nilsson (MhaLhi's, Sverige)
Nina Linnatie (MhaLhi´s, Sverige)
  • Doc

  • Doc april 2018

  • ©MhaLhi´s

  • Doc sommaren 2017

  • Doc summer-17

  • ©Edcullen´s Glade

  • Mars 2017
    ©Nina Linnatie

  • ©Edcullen´s Glade

  • ©Edcullen`s Glade

  • ©Edcullen`s Glade

  • ©Edcullen`s Glade

  • Junior CAC at the CC Club Summer Show

  • ©Edcullen`s Glade

  • ©Edcullen`s Glade

  • 10 month
    ©Edcullen`s Glade

  • ©Edcullen`s Glade

  • ©Silkencrest

  • ©Edcullen`s Glade

  • ©Edcullen`s Glade

  • ©Edcullen`s Glade

  • almost 7 month
    ©Edcullen`s Glade

  • Training at the CACIB Berlin

  • ©Edcullen`s Glade

  • ©Edcullen`s Glade

  • ©Edcullen`s Glade

  • ©Edcullen`s Glade

  • ©Edcullen`s Glade

  • 3,5 month
    ©Edcullen`s Glade

  • 13 days
    ©Edcullen`s Glade


Junior German Club Champion
Junior VDH Champion
Junior Champion San Marino
Finnish champion
Champion of Cyprus
Swedish champion

CCC Junior Clubwinner 2014
Winner Meisdorf 2015

Crufts Qualification 2015

ECVO: clear
Gonioscopy: clear
CMSD : clear
NCL : clear

Siblings (13)


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Edcullen's Glade Dr. Dollar Duck
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Edcullen's Glade Elementary
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Edcullen's Glade Edcullen
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Offspring (36) (Descendents)

dob: 2022-01-05  Dam: Crazy Cresteds Freaka Panoh

Crazy Cresteds Jesus Joke Freadoc
Crazy Cresteds Jackpot Freadoc

dob: 2021-11-02  Dam: Solino's Jabberwockee

MhaLhi's Never Give Up
MhaLhi's Never Let You Down

dob: 2021-05-17  Dam: Juicy Winning Smile

MhaLhi's Me Myself and I

dob: 2021-03-02  Dam: Future Line Felicie Evelange

On The Spot Sir Lancelot
On The Spot Teeny Tiny Tot

dob: 2019-12-04  Dam: Solino's Jabberwockee

MhaLhi's Like a Diamond
MhaLhi's Love Around The Corner
MhaLhi's Legend Of Passion

dob: 2019-04-06  Dam: Solino's Jabberwockee

MhaLhi's Just The Way It Is
MhaLhi's Joyous Dotty
MhaLhi's Just Want It All
MhaLhi's Just For Me

dob: 2018-04-01  Dam: Amelion's Tropic Thunder

Amelion's Voltaire
Amelion's Verona
Amelion's Valletta

dob: 2017-08-21  Dam: Con Brio EZ Engla

Angelcrest Bruno Banani
Angelcrest Bellatrix
Angelcrest Betty Boop
Angelcrest Benetton
2017-2017 Angelcrest Bright Crystal

dob: 2017-04-25  Dam: Bellatrix Luckycharm Super Space

Bellatrix Luckycharm Astra
Bellatrix Luckycharm Puck
Bellatrix Luckycharm Sirius
Bellatrix Luckycharm Enif
Bellatrix Luckycharm Zoya

dob: 2017-01-08  Dam: Suanho's Calumet

Amelion's Uppercut
Amelion's Ultraviolet
Amelion's Under Control
Amelion's U
Amelion's Uptown Girl
Amelion's Up Up and Away

dob: 2016-06-03  Dam: Blue Wing's Dolce N Gabbana

MhaLhi's I am Hot You Are Not
MhaLhi's I am All That And More
MhaLhi's I am Dressed For Success

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