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Adele Modrá Laguna Moravia

: 2013-05-21
: Hairless
Vlasta Stuchlíková CZ (Modrá Laguna Moravia, Tsjekkia)
Sona Popelkova (Pompinell, Tsjekkia)

  • ©Sona Popelkova

  • ©Sona Popelkova

  • ©Sona Popelkova

  • ©Sona Popelkova

  • ©Sona Popelkova

  • Adele

  • Adele Modrá Laguna Moravia

  • Adele Modrá Laguna Moravia

  • Vrh A

Siblings (6)


Aramis Modrá Laguna Moravia
Annabell Modrá Laguna Moravia
Adele Modrá Laguna Moravia


Bresty Modrá laguna Moravia
Benito Modrá Laguna Moravia
Bagi Modrá Laguna Moravia

Offspring (8) (Descendents)

dob: 2021-01-14  Sire: Zorawar Hero Avokaduh

Gregory Atrey Pompinel
Grafitti Lukas Pompinel

dob: 2019-03-28  Sire: Bonton Forest Pompinell

Cinderella Rose Pompinell
Casino Swan Pompinell

dob: 2016-03-11  Sire: Corley Toutou Velu

Amadeus Pompinell'
Apache Markus Pompinell'
Acai Shadow Pompinell'
Agnes Maja Pompinell'

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