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RUSCH  RUSJCH  RKFCH  Grand Champion of Russia, JCH of the National Club of Breed, CH of the National Club of Breed, CACIB, 2xRCACIBAngel Look Hippie Shake

: 2012-05-14
: bronze
: Hairless
: 32.00cm (12.5")
Svetlana Haas (Angel Look, Russland)
Elena Molchanova (Danika Star, Russland)
  • 4 years old

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  • 4 years old

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  • ©Bobrovskaya Viktoria

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  • ©Vladimirova Anna

  • ©Danika Star

  • 1 year old
    ©Vladimirova Anna

  • ©Anna Vladimirova

  • 1 year old
    ©Danika Star

  • ©Danika Star

  • 10 months old
    ©Svetlana Rodomanova

  • ©Svetlana Rodomanova

  • ©Svetlana Rodomanova

  • 9,5 months old
    ©Danika Star

  • 9,5 months old
    ©Danika Star

  • 7 months old
    ©Svetlana Rodomanova

  • 6 months old
    ©Danika Satr

  • ©Danikastar

  • ©DanikaStar

  • ©Danika Star

  • ©Angel Look

  • ©Angel Look

  • ©Angel Look


PLL - Clear
PRA-prcd - Clear
16.11.2013, Moscow, Specialty Show, ex.1, CW, BOB (S.Seymour);
16.11.2013, Moscow, ex.1, CAC (A.M.Noguero);
20.10.2013, Russia-2013-2, intermedia, ex.1, CAC, R-CACIB (AIDA RIVERA FRANCO);
19.10.2013, Russia-2013-1, intermedia, ex.3 (JUAN ALBERTO GRILLO);
25.08.2013, Dolgoprudny, CW, CAC, BOB, BIG-3 (O.Gorbachevsky);
3.08.2013, Moscow, Russia, CW, JCAC, BJ (Shamil Abrakimov);
21.07.2013, Moscow, Russia, Specialty Show, ex.2, JCC (L.Krakovskaya);
21.07.2013, Moscow, Russia, ex.2 (Shiyan);
29.06.2013, Moscow, Russia, CW, JCAC, BJ (M.Gerasimova);
29.06.2013, Moscow, Russia, CW, JCAC,BJ,BOB (M.Ostrovskaya);
29.06.2013, Moscow, Russia, ex.2, JCC (Anca Giura);
2.06.2013, Moscow, Russia, National Specialty Show: junior, ex.3, JCC (M.Poggesi);
19.05.2013, Moscow, Russia: exellent-1, JCAC (E.Golovina);
07.04.2013, Moscow, Russia, Speciality Dog Show: exellent-1, CW, BJ, BOB(Jasna Matejcic);
23.03.2013, Moscow, Russia, Eurasia-1: junior, exellent-3, (Dorothea Caroll);
17.02.2013, Moscow, Russia: junior, exellent, (A.Ostrowsky);
2xBest puppy

Siblings (8)


Angel Look Prime Time
Angel Look Persian Legend
Angel Look Porter
Angel Look Penelope


Angel Look Hippie Shake
Angel Look Heart and Soul
Angel Look Hariton
Angel Look Honey Moon

Offspring (58) (Descendents)

dob: 2019-10-04  Dam: Fiery Fame Kiss-Mania

Marydance Dawe George
Marydance Dare-Devil
Marydance Drive Me Crazy
Marydance Dauphin Danika Star

dob: 2018-11-18  Dam: Mano Ponis Belcanta

Baikal Dream Kastamania Showboom

dob: 2017-11-09  Dam: Fantastik Kashmir Zhaklin Premium

Family Mar's F
Family Mar's Fialka Monmartra
Family Mar's Flamenko

dob: 2017-09-16  Dam: Sofiris Show Danzante Chianti

Sofiris Show Jolie Princesse
Sofiris Show Jour De Fete

dob: 2016-11-17  Dam: Ilory Mafanikio Milele

Ilory Orange Sun
Ch. Ilory Overjoy
Ch. Ilory Oscar Magic
Ch. Ilory Overcoming Nice
Ilory Only Obession
Ilory Owner Of Fortune
Ilory Ocean of Love

dob: 2016-06-28  Dam: Golden Diamond Cresteds Christianne

Danika Star Malvina
Danika Star Michel Ma Belle
Danika Star Muscatnyu Oreshek
Danika Star Martel
Danika Star Malenkiy Prints
Danika Star Maestro Powderpuff
Ch. GCHB Danika Star Margarita

dob: 2016-04-15  Dam: Alvine Band Ohara Peper

Ch. luniks Stail Dogma
Ch. Luniks Stail Deisy
luniks Stail Dzhaz
luniks Stail Doll To All

dob: 2016-03-29  Dam: Vellar Pljus Feona Danika Star

Danika Star Listen To Your Heart
Danika Star Luxury Black
Danika Star La Toya
Danika Star Latifa
Danika Star Love Of My Soul

dob: 2016-01-26  Dam: Olegro Katrin Amazing Love

Danika Star Kenian Safari
Danika Star Kite Surfer
Danika Star Kathrin Golden Fox
Danika Star Klondike Gold Rush
Danika Star Kensington Queen 26.01.2016 - 05.08.2016
Danika Star King of Pride

dob: 2015-01-01  Dam: Angel O' Check Persidskaya Knyazhna

Lorita Star Zharkaya Noch'
Lorita Star Zhelannyy Kavaler
Lorita Star Zhemchuzhnyy Obereg
Lorita Star Zhenskiy Kapriz
Lorita Star Zhguchiy Potseluy
Ch. Lorita Star Zhritsa Lyubvi
Lorita Star Zhasminovyy Aromat

dob: 2014-11-01  Dam: Fansy Queen A Victory

Danika Star Divny Angel
Danika Star Darling Lady
Danika Star Dyuymovocka

dob: 2014-08-08  Dam: Golden Diamond Cresteds Christianne

Danika Star Go For A Dream Grand Show
Danika Star Galatea Lilu

dob: 2013-11-29  Dam: Vellar Pljus Feona Danika Star

Danika Star Viva Viktoria
Danika Star Vishnu
Danika Star Vikont de Brazhelon

dob: 2013-08-16  Dam: Vellar Pljus Kolombina Danika Star

Danika Star Bright Flash
Danika Star Blue Dream
Danika Star Blackberry
Ch. Danika Star Black Passion

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