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Valen Stayer Zandi

: 2010-11-16
: tricolor
: Powderpuff
: 32.00cm (12.5") / 4.20kg (9.25#)
Keller V (Valen Staer, Russland)
Gromovaya M. (Ketrin Kristol, Russland)
  • ©Gromovaya M

  • Divnyi Drakosha Dino
    PLL/ PRA - clear
    ©Ketrin Kristol

  • ©Gromovaya M

  • ©Gromovaya M

Offspring (11) (Descendents)

dob: 2015-04-21  Sire: Russkii Romans dlya Liris

Ketrin Kristol Byutiful Layf (puff)
Ketrin Kristol Baterflyay (puff)
Ketrin Kristol Barbariska (puff)
Ketrin Kristol Buton rosy (puff)
Ketrin Kristol Brilliantovaya noch (puff)
Ketrin Kristol Boginya Lyubvi (puff)

dob: 2013-02-05  Sire: Dogland Happy Impulsive

Chekhper Keruch Simba
Chantal Chernaya Zhemchuzhina
Chepard Star Simbad (puff)
Chtefan Aron Eliach (puff)
Changri Severnaya Zvezda (puff)

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