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Dresscode-Zero Left Unseen

: 2012-01-20
: black/white
: Powderpuff
Ilse Callens (Dresscode Zero , Belgia)
Diana van Bree (Le Quadrupède Loyal, Netherlands)
  • o yes he love to swimm

  • ©Diana

  • Funny boy !
    ©Ilse Callens

  • great free stacker !
    ©Ilse Callens

  • not completely dry but stunning for sure !
    ©Ilse Callens

  • Love this boy :) Lefty !
    ©Ilse Callens

  • Lefty 3 months :)
    ©Ilse Callens

  • Stunning kid 3 months old :)
    ©Ilse Callens

  • such a beauty 10 weeks
    ©Ilse Callens

  • My perfect stacker Lefty at 9 weeks !
    ©An Callens

  • Lefty happy as always :)
    ©Ilse Callens

  • A 4 weeks old pro stacker :)
    ©An Callens

  • Lefty, two weeks old
    ©Ilse Callens

  • One day old
    ©Ilse Callens

Siblings (7)


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