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DKCH  Toy Veteran Winner, DkVCh, Danish Veteran Winner-21Lionheart Kash Is King

Reg. no
: SE37044/2011
: 2011-05-07
: black and tan
: Hairless
Lasse & Tove Hellström (Lionheart, Sverige)
Sara Sjögren (Kalimera's, Sverige)
  • 3years
    ©K. Tegle

  • ©Kalimera's

  • Bremen -18

  • Bremen -18

  • 3 years

  • Tvååker 2 years old
    ©J T Alexandersson

  • Tvååker 2 years
    ©J T Alexandersson

  • ©J.T. Alexandersson

  • ©J.T. Alexandersson

  • ©Monica Ingerlund

  • ©Kalimera's kennel

  • ©Amanda Nilsson

  • ©Catarina Sjögren

  • 9 weeks.
    ©Kennel Lionheart


BIS puppy, Veberöd

Siblings (4)


Lionheart Kiss Me Kwick
Lionheart Kwarter Master
Lionheart Karbon Karissima
Lionheart Kash Is King

Offspring (21) (Descendents)

dob: 2021-11-24  Dam: Speechless Time To Shine

Speechless King Of All
Speechless When The Queen Arrives
Speechless Time For A New King

dob: 2021-07-02  Dam: Speechless Victory Is My Destiny

Speechless Son Of King Kevin
Speechless Kash Is King

dob: 2021-04-25  Dam: Kalimera's Spice N All Things N'Ice

Kalimera's Money Honey
Kalimera's Ka-ching
Kalimera's Dollar Dude

dob: 2017-08-23  Dam: Rapunzel

Farz Aneh Prince Kheldar
Farz Aneh Princess Liselle

dob: 2014-03-30  Dam: Trollmyren's Oceanens Pärla

Kalimera's Barking Bulldozer
Kalimera's Rumbling Caterpillar

dob: 2013-08-05  Dam: Smedbys Jameson Crested Ten

Risella's Chardonnay Selection

dob: 2012-06-25  Dam: Happy Dancing Innocence Iris

Kalimera's Wind in Wellington
Kalimera's Crazy time in Tripoli
Ch. Kalimera's Next ticket to London
Kalimera's Sunny day in Manilla
Kalimera's Party in Paris

dob: 2012-06-08  Dam: Koynaur's Dee Dee's Deluxe

Lionheart kounting kards
Lionheart Kupkake
Lionheart Keep The Change

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